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Catch a glimpse of what Mount Kinabalu’s journey looks like through a camera lens in our Mount Kinabalu Video section. Words alone cannot fully express the view of the 4,095m tall mountain. For instance, you will witness its rich collection of wildlife species, these includes birds, mammals, insects, flora and fauna alike. As a result, Mount Kinabalu has been presented with the UNESCO World Heritage status. This remind us that we all hold an important role in preserving this place which carries such cultural, historical and scientific importance to the people of Malaysia.

You can prepare your journey visually and make travel planning easier. Moreover, through these videos, you will be able to achieve better understanding on what to prepare . Not only does these videos give viewers a clearer picture, they will also get to understand better as the presenter in the video will share about their personal experience and some tips during the climb. Furthermore, their sharing will engaged viewers on a more personal level. This will guide viewers while they are preparing physically and mentally in what to expect. In short, some people will say that Mount Kinabalu is a tough mountain to climb while others might say that it is not as hard as they expected it to be. However, these all come down to each person’ fitness level and endurance.

In conclusion, behold the captivating view of Mount Kinabalu and take note of the trail highlights so that you won’t miss out on a thing. If watching a video is not enough, try to find out more details on our Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata Package to know more. Likewise, there are also different locations made readily available for you to explore throughout our website.