Mount Kinabalu Permit: Top 6 Info To Climb Mount Kinabalu


If you are reading this article, you may have already planned or researched about your upcoming trip to Sabah – Malaysia Borneo. After a lot of requests from the audience, I have compiled this detailed article explaining the tips, things to do, and every other question you may have on your mind. This guide on climbing the Mount Kinabalu is 100% based on my own personal experience. As this article focuses on Mount Kinabalu Climb, let’s get straight to the point.


St John Peak Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is one of the highest yet beautiful mountains at 4095.2m above sea level in Southeast Asia. Situated in Kinabalu Park, Sabah – a world heritage site, it is about 8.72 Km from the trailhead to the highest peak (Low’s Peak). Thousands of travelers climb this enchanting mountain every year and spend quality time during this great adventure trip. Climb permits for mount Kinabalu are open for 2021 – thus people from all over the world are reaching out to this adventurous climbing. Follow the post and I’ll try my best answer each possible question to make your journey easy yet adventurous.


In normal conditions, you only need the basic accessories to climb the Mount Kinabalu. A pair of durable trainers, a t-shirt, fleece jackets, and trekking pant are enough to start your journey. However, some more things you might need for climbing Mount Kinabalu are as follows.

  • Waterproof jacket or upper
  • At least 2 pairs thick hiking socks
  • High-energy food
  • Mineral Water
  • Head Torch
  • A small bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera and a warm hat (optional)

Please ready some cash if you wish to hire a porter.

In case you forget an important item, reach out to the cheap hiking and outdoor shops at Kota Kinabalu. From warm clothes to a backpack to torches, everything is available at a reasonable price in Kota Kinabalu city. Porter always can be hire at Kinabalu Park at MYR 13 per kg.


Though its daring, but the majority of people who climb Mount Kinabalu love themselves for it and feels proud after climbing the tough Mount Kinabalu. During my journey to this 4095-meter mountain, I learned quite a few things and I’m sharing the tips below.

1) Prefer 3D2N Trip:

It is recommended to choose 3 Days 2 Nights trip to Mount Kinabalu. The 2D1N trip will make things overwhelmed and you may not be able to enjoy as much as on a 3D2N climb.

2) Be Cautious with Staircases:

You might have seen the astonishing yet beautiful staircases they built after the earthquake. Well, these staircases only cover about 25% of the total 8.7 Km journey. Rest is just covered with steep rocks and inclined surfaces. Don’t worry, because the guides will be there to help you. However, no one can take care of yourself better than you do. Just proceed slowly and carefully as the trail can be slippery after rain.

Mount Kinabalu Trails

3) Take Your Time:

Focus on the term “Slow and steady wins the race” when climbing Mt. Kinabalu. You will encounter incline and slippery surfaces, therefore, stay calm and have a grip on the staircases. Focus on your footing and take it slow; the last thing you would want is to have an injury during the journey. On the other hand, try not to rest for more than 10 minutes during the climbing – thus keeping your body warm.

4) Drink Water:

Keeping your body temperature and fluids up is an essential tactic to ensure efficient ascent of Mount Kinabalu. If you are concerned about toilets, worry no more because there are toilets on the way up. Prepare 1.5 liters of water is sufficient enough for you to reach your first destination of Mount Kinabalu – Panalaban Rest House. If you thinking to refill untreated mountain water, a few water purification tablets are essential.

5) Follow Mountain Guide Instruction:

Always listen to your mountain guide and follow their instructions. Most of the mountain guides are born and raised locally. They know the mountain better than anybody else.


There are unlimited tour organizations and operators found in the adjacent city called Kota Kinabalu. It is recommended to book your climbing package in advance to avoid any unexpected problems. Booking at the last minute may lead to choosing a cheap or unlicensed tour operator and you can end up paying extra during the journey or ruin the whole journey.

Borneocalling provides different types of Mount Kinabalu Climbing Packages for both Malaysian and International climbers – picking them from the prescribed hotel or airport in Kota Kinabalu city. They’ve always aim to provide the best customer service for their climbers. There are two durations available i.e. 3 days 2 night and 2 days 1 night. Click here for more info or to get yourself booked. There are no hidden charges and their response are extremely fast!


Mount Kinabalu is opened throughout the year and is always filled with a lot of climbers. Both the 3D2N and 2D1N trips to the Mount Kinabalu are climbed via Timpohon Trail and Via Ferrata. Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata packages design for adventurer who looking for extraordinary climbing experience. The best time to climb Mount Kinabalu falls on March to September. However, it doesn’t mean that the gate will close for the rest of months. Sabah Park offer 77 permits for normal climb via Timpohon Trail and 33 permits for climbing via Ferrata. Due to limited carrying capacity, it is recommended to book as early as possible to avoid any hassle at the last moment. Please take note that it is important to secure your climbing permit before book your flight ticket! Many climbers have fall into this big mistake.


Accommodation on Mount Kinabalu


You might have been thinking about the accommodation you will be getting. Well, in case of a normal climbing via Timpohon Trail without Ferrata, you will be staying at Laban Rata Resthouse and provided with a unisex shared dormitory. You can always upgrade your accommodation to private room but the units are very limited. On the other hand, if you book for Ferrata, Pendant Hut unisex shared dormitory. It’s a cosy yet comfortable mountain hut located not far from the mountain restaurant. Book your mount Kinabalu climb now and I bet you will never say you regretted it. There is a wide range of departure dates.

For more information, contact Borneo Calling at [email protected] or simply click here.



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