Borneo Tour Packages


If you are looking for fun adventures in Borneo, you have come searching at the right place.

Borneo, a giant, rugged island in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago, is known for its beaches and bio diverse rainforest, home to wildlife including Orang Utans and Clouded Leopards. The Sabah region of Borneo is quite rugged and the third largest island in Asia isn’t much explored, but the tropical Sabah wildlife is some of the most diverse. Known for its beaches, home to the wild Orang Utan, Borneo has so much more to offer to all you wanderers. The part of Borneo gives away some lifetime memories to their visitors. You can almost do everything you have always wanted to, from trekking up to the highest peak in Borneo, to scuba diving, to having a traditional fish spa, to visiting the hot springs, one can experience it all, located at one place.

Borneo is a land blessed with wonderful eco treasures – from scenic islands, to World Heritage Parks with its majestic mountains and nature treks. Moreover, there is an amazing arrays of endangered and endemic wildlife such as the Orang Utans, Proboscis Monkeys, Bornean Sunbear, sea turtles and Pygmy Elephants. There are rivers to cross, mountains to climb, culture to learn, nature to admire,  trails to trek, wildlife to see, caves to discover, natives to meet, local delicacies to savour, turquoise blue sea to dive in and sandy beaches to relax on.

In short, Borneo is a haven for adventure seekers. Activities include paragliding, white water rafting from Kiulu or Padas rivers, quad biking on the terrains, and scuba diving, sea walking or snorkelling at islands where you can find the most beautiful corals which shine and mesmerize those who dare to enter their land.

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